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Complete deliveries and service in the field of plastics industry

We focus on deliveries of top materials and products for the plastics industry. We have long-standing experience and contacts not only on the Czech plastics market.

10. 8. 2022

Mobile crushing and separation line

The mobile sorting line installed in the standard 20-foot sea container can be easily moved between different application sites and therefore represents a flexible logistical solution for processing of industrial plastic waste. The standard equipment includes ZERMA high-speed granulator, OZ 1200 dust collector, MSS-MC 150 N magnetic separator and Quicktron 03 metal detector. However, the sorting line can be modified according to the needs of a specific client; other sorting or processing devices can be added, operating staff equipment can be modified etc. The whole system thanks to its installation inside the container is protected from external atmospheric influences (as an option we can offer, e. g., air conditioning for greater operator comfort).

Main advantages of the mobile crushing and separation line

  • High processing capacity
  • Waste cleanup at the place of origin (= transport cost elimination)
  • Easy translocation according to current needs
  • Sorting and separation technology in a compact design
  • "Plug and play" system -  simply connect the separation line to the mains in order to start sorting