Sale of used equipment

Hydraulic press JPW 150 QT

  • Hydraulic power 150 ton
  • Output format 1100 x 1100 mm
  • Inlet feed diameters: 2400 x 1100 mm
  • Power 90 kW

Offering price: 38 000 € (excl. VAT)

  • Machine diameters 9600 x 4620 x height 4330
  • Machine was used for PET waste, it is also suitable for...

Regranulation line ZL 100

  • Year of manufacture: 2014 – bought on 2016 at Kielce fair
  • Motor:  90kw
  • Screw conveyor: DN 100 mm

Offering price: 59 500 EUR

  • Condition: Fully working, filters got withdrawn and are used in another nearby machine. New filters will be added.

Motor and gearbox recycling line

After being crushed the material mix enters through a vibrating feeder into a heated booth for manual sorting (e.g. cables, cupper). The material then continues oustside on the conveyor where an overband magnet separates the ferrous metals from the mix,...

RAPID mill

Rotor width: 480 mm

Rotor diameter: 200 mm

Mill is in running order, and well-maintained. It was very little used. Along with the mill, we offer a dust filter for sale as well.

Offering price: 6,900 € (excl. VAT) / 1 pc