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Complete deliveries and service in the field of plastics industry

We focus on deliveries of top materials and products for the plastics industry. We have long-standing experience and contacts not only on the Czech plastics market.

OZ Dedusting appliance

OZ Dedusting appliance

A dust collector is used to remove fine dust particles from crushed plastics, plastic granules etc. The material firstly falls through a mechanical sieve. Then, its flow is divided by a height-adjustable distribution cone and the dust particles are continuously removed from the material by a lateral draft fan. The clean (dedusted) material falls through the dedusting device into a big bag, a collecting bin etc.

The advantages and application of the deduster OZ

The automatic dust collector OZ has a number of advantages: it is easy and quick to install and relocate (there is no need to manipulate e.g. with a heavy injection molding machine); the draft force is easily adjustable (according to the client's needs), the whole device is maintenance-free with minimum operating costs; it has very good price/performance ratio; the deduster OZ does not need expensive and environmentally problematic filters. We can produce the dedusting appliance in dimensions and parameters exactly meeting the needs of a specific client.