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Advantages of granulators

  • Economical granulators for plastic recycling
  • Production capacity up to 1200 kg/h
  • Integrated blower and cyclone
  • Screen size: 10 or 12 mm (according to client's needs)
  • Horizontally divided housing
  • Soundproof hopper

Heavy series granulators

VESPA Heavy series granulators are ideal for central or beside-the-press size reduction of sprues, moulded items, pipes, sheets atd. The rotor as well as the cutting chamber are easy to access, making cleaning and knife changes quick and effortless.

Main advantages

  • 6 rotor knives
  • 4 stator knives
  • High quality knives
  • Easy accessibility and maintenance
  • Robust and compact design
  • Bearing housing outside the cutting chamber
  • Various feeding options

VESPA Heavy series granulators are economical granulators for use plastic recycling. The cutting design makes these products optimal for the grinding of bigger plastic parts (such as injection moulded parts, blow moulded parts, profiles, sheets etc.) in order to achieve high quality regrind.  The granulators of the VESPA Heavy series are available in input widths ranging from 820 mm to 1220 mm and rotor diameters from 450 to 500 mm. The completely welded cutting chamber in conjunction with the ideal rotor design ensures optimal operation and universal application. The design of the product housing arranges for an easy and quick access to the cutting chamber during rotor and stator knife changes, servicing or screen changes.

Once the plastics (e. g. offcuts) are fed into the granulator, a series of rotating cutting knives mounted on the rotor shaft (powered by an electric motor) and stator knives, mounted on the lower half of cutting chamber break the plastics into smaller pieces. These granules afterwards pass through a screen which limits their maximum size (usually from 10 to 12 mm) and are collected e. g. for moulding. The integrated blower transports the dust and fines from the plastic regrind to the separation cyclone.

VESPA Heavy granulators with a blower and a cyclone

Rotor diameter
Rotor speed
Rotor knives no/mmStator knives
Drive power
Input width
Input height**
VESPA 45/80VGA 400-700 450 555 6x400 4x400 37.0(45.0) 5,5 1800 х 1470 х 2690 820 580 2300
VESPA 50/60VGA 300-600 500 555 6x300 4x300 37.0 5,5 1960 x 1250 x 2860 620 600 2650
VESPA 50/80VGA 500-800 500 580 6x400 4x400 45.0(55.0) 7,5 2400 х 1630 x 3320 820 650 4500
VESPA 50/100VGA 600-900 500 580 6x500 4x500 55.0 7,5 2400 х 1830 x 3320 1020 650 5400
VESPA 50/120VGA 700-1200 500 550 6x600 4x600 75.0 11.0 2400 x 2100 x 3070 1220 650 6800

*Output values are approximate only and dependent on the application. Variables such as the material type, form and temperature, feeding method, rotor configuration, knife sharpness and design, screen size, as well as output system influence on the production capacity of the equipment.

**This dimension can be changed