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Advantages of the gravity metal detector QUICKTRON 03 E

  • Automatic separation of all metals without the interruption of the material flow
  • Double reject flap eliminates the risk of the separator clogging
  • Robust design + high-quality electronics = maximum working life
  • Ideal solution for metal separation from plastic flakes
  • Digital evaluation of separation results

Gravity metal detector QUICKTRON 03 E

The fully automatic QUICKTRON 03 E free-fall metal detector is equipped with a double reject flap that enables very precise separation of metal particles and at the same time prevents material blockage (e. g. of the crushed - even very light - plastic sheets). The gravity free-fall style metal detector is made so that it can detect and separate metal particles even from a slowly flowing plastic material (granulate, regrind, flakes etc.). In addition, this detector detects not only loose metal objects (such as screws, nuts, fragments of machinery, wires, etc.) but also metal contaminants encapsulated in the processed plastic material. Thanks to digital signal processing, very good detection results are achieved. The robust detector design guarantees its long working life.

Optional equipment

The QUICKTRON 03 E gravity fall metal detector can be supplied with a wide range of additional equipment:

  • Signal units – beacon, buzzer
  • Special length of connecting cables
  • Air compressor
  • Compressed air tank
  • Self-monitoring - air pressure, reject flap
  • Reject counter

Detector sensitivity

The detector sensitivity depends on many parameters, such as the inlet opening diameter (the smaller the aperture diameter, the higher the detector sensitivity), the material speed, product density, temperature, humidity, etc.

In order to select the proper metal detector for your application, we recommend performing the test of your material. We will perform these tests for free, so please contact us to arrange the tests.

Scope of delivery

The delivery of the QUICKTRON 03 E gravity fed metal separator includes:

  • Detection head
  • Reject unit including pneumatic components, air pressure regulator, etc.
  • Control unit
  • Connection cables
  • Installation hardware
  • Instructions for use