Laboratory testing of plastics

Plastic regrindThanks to the excellent laboratory equipment, we provide services in the field of laboratory tests, inspection and examination of primary and also of secondary plastic materials.

According to clients' needs we perform checks of the materials' quality for plastics production in our own laboratory.

By means of a plastometer, we determine the melt (MFR) and volume (MVR) flow index of thermoplastics, we calculate the melt density, verify and define material purity as well as the percentage of the individual components and fillers (DSC analyses) etc.

Our unique sampling press TVL can detect unwanted contaminants in plastic materials, regranulates, flakes, regrinds, remnants from the plastic production etc. Each client receives testing results in the form of a final protocol including also a physical sample of the tested melt.

We are able to determine also material moisture, notch toughness, tensile stress, flammability, absorbency, relative permittivity, insulation resistance and other parameters of plastic materials.