ML Chute magnet

The inline chute magnets are suitable for separation of ferromagnetic particles from materials of worse bulk properties and/or from abrasive bulk materials (plastic granulate, wooden chips and sawdust, crushed rubber, grain, flour, cocoa beans, crushed minerals etc.) that could clog or damage common grate separators.

Design of the chute magnet ML

The plate magnetic separator is connected (usually via flanges) to the client's piping system. At the separator inlet there is a solid steel dispersion cone that distributes the material flow over the magnetic plates. They are (according to the model line) placed either at the inner parts of the separator doors or in the middle of the separator and ensure a high effectiveness of the separation process.

Cleaning mode

Thanks to the easy cleaning system, the chute magnet can be cleaned in a quick and easy way (the caught iron particles don't need to be laboriously removed) – and if needed, we are able to deliver this separator also in the version with fully automatic cleaning. The checking windows on both sides of the separator enable permanent optical inspection of the magnetic plates. We equip this separator (according to the client's needs) with either ferrite or extremely strong neodymium magnets.

Český výrobek / Made in Czech Republic