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We are able to deliver primary and also secondary materials for manufacturing plastic products, processing appliances, transport technologies, separation and detection systems, quality control equipment etc.

The best products for the best plastics, the best plastics for the best products

Our mission is to improve the utilization of plastic materials, extend their real lifetime and increase ecological efficiency of plastic processing. We provide deliveries and services in the field of plastic materials processing, exactly according to your needs.

Complete deliveries and service in the field of plastics industry

We specialize in deliveries of top materials and products for the plastics industry. We have had many years' standing experience and contacts not only on the Czech plastics market.


Materiály pro plastikářský průmysl

Materials for the plastics industry

We can offer you plastic regrinds or regranulates from our own production. We also provide our customers with these both types of waste plastics processing as a kind of paid service.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separators

Magnetic drum in the box design serves to the continuous and automatic separation of ferromagnetic particles coming from dry materials and preserves against the damage of the machine and appliance that process the cleaned material sunsequently.

Metal detectors

Metal detectors

The metal detectors are used for detection and in some case also for separation of unwanted magnetic or non-magnetic metal particles coming from materials in bulk or goods packed.

Transport technologies for the plastics industry

Transport technologies

We supply not only small belt conveyors, but also multifunctional conveyors and also magnetic belt conveyors. JACOB components can be used to assemble even the most complex piping systems.

Technologies for manufacture and processing of plastics

Technologies for manufacture and processing of plastics

We can supply processing equipment, transport technology, separation and detection systems, quality control equipment, etc.

Laboratory testing of plastics

Laboratory testing of plastics

Thanks to excellent laboratory equipment, we provide services in the field of laboratory tests, inspection and measurement of plastic primary and secondary materials.

Mobile crushing and separation line

Mobile crushing and separation line

The mobile crushing line is designed for the immediate processing of post-industrial plastic waste. We have equipped the line with a complete set of appliances.

Granulators VESPA

Granulators VESPA

VESPA granulators are ideal for central or beside-the-press size reduction of sprues, moulded items, pipes, sheets atd. The rotor as well as the cutting chamber are easy to access, making cleaning and knife changes quick and effortless.