MSP-S Magnetic separator for blow, vacuum or pump lines

MSP-S Magnetic separator for blow, vacuum or pump lines

The magnetic separator for the pressure and suction pipes is mainly used to remove ferromagnetic particles from fast-flowing (up to 25 m/s) liquid or fine powder materials transported in pipelines. 

Design of the magnetic trap MSP-S

The MSP-S separator consists of a set of magnetic tubes (whose cores are covered by protective stainless steel tubes). The first row of tubes always contains one magnetic tube less than the next row. Thus, the magnetic tubes of the first row cover the gap between the tubes of the next row. Thanks to this arrangement, the cleaned material flows through a dense sieve and the extremely strong field of neodymium magnets captures all magnetic particles on the surface of the protective tubes. This magnetic separator is equipped with very strong neodymium cores and that is why it catches also very small ferromagnetic particles. The already caught particles migrate to the backside of the protective stainless steel tubes (and that is why these particles are not washed off by the continuously flowing material).

Main advantages of the trap magnet

MSP-S Magnetic separator for blow, vacuum or pump linesThe magnetic cores of this separator (made of extremely strong neodymium magnets) are hermetically closed in stainless steel cases and inserted into protective stainless steel tubes. This system, also called "tube in tube", has several significant advantages:

  • it significantly extends the lifetime of the expensive magnetic cores (thanks to the double protection, the cleaned material cannot damage the cores)
  • there is no contamination risk (by a piece of a broken magnet or its nickel-plating)
  • the abrasion resistance has been increased.
Český výrobek / Made in Czech Republic

Max. magnetic induction: up to 13 500 Gauss on the magnetic core and up to 10 500 Gauss on the surface of the protective tubes (with a tolerance of +/- 10%).