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Advantages of the gravity metal detector PLASTRON 05 K

  • Extreme sensitivity – separation of ferrous particles sized from 0.3 mm
  • Automatic separation of all metals without the interruption of the material flow
  • Robust design + high-quality electronics = maximum working life
  • Low height + compact dimensions = easy installation
  • Digital evaluation of separation results
  • Detection of metals in plastic granulates and regrinds
  • Ideal application for the injection molding and extrusion areas

Gravity metal detector PLASTRON 05 K for plastic industry

The fully automatic PLASTRON 05 K free-fall metal detector is equipped with a high-speed reject flap, allowing for a very precise separation of metal foreign bodies and minimization of good product loss.

The advantageous price and the high sensitivity make the PLASTRON 05 K the most frequently used gravity fed metal detector in the plastics industry. The gravity fall metal detector is made in such a way that it can detect and separate metal contaminants even from a slowly flowing plastic material (granulate, regrind, flakes…). The detector and the reject flap were developed specially for application in the plastics industry. Thanks to its low and space-saving design, the gravity free-fall style metal detector PLASTRON 05 K can be easily and quickly integrated into an injection molding press or extruder. This product is also characterized by extremely easy maintenance, as it can be dismantled and cleaned without the use of any tools.

If there is a higher presence of iron tramp in the processed material (e. g. plastic regranulate or regrind), we recommend to place one of the simple and efficient magnetic separators before the detector, what will increase the protection level of the subsequent equipment (e. g. injector nozzles).  At the same time, the frequency of detections as well as the loss of “good” material will be reduced  (as the iron particles will be removed before they enter the detector, so the detector will have to reject only non-magnetic metals).

Optional equipment

The PLASTRON 05 K gravity metal detector can be supplied with a wide range of additional equipment:

  • Signal units – beacon, buzzer
  • Self-monitoring systems – air pressure, reject flap
  • Special length of connecting cables
  • Emptying the detector may be performed by pressing the corresponding button

Detector sensitivity

The detector sensitivity depends on many parameters, such as the inlet opening diameter (the smaller the aperture diameter, the higher the detector sensitivity), the material speed, product density, temperature, humidity, etc.

In order to select the proper metal detector for your application, we recommend performing the test of your material. We will perform these tests for free, so please contact us to arrange the tests.

Scope of delivery

The delivery of the PLASTRON 05 A gravity fed metal separator includes:

  • Detection head
  • Control unit
  • Reject unit including pneumatic components, air pressure regulator, etc.
  • Connection cables
  • Installation hardware
  • Instructions for use